Own damage insurance

Own damage insurance

What you get

  • Coverage of losses caused by a car accident, natural hazards, theft, vandalism and unauthorized use of the vehicle
  • Carefree travelling not only in the Czech Republic but also in Europe
  • Wide range of assistance services for free
  • Accident insurance for the driver and other passengers in the vehicle included in the price
  • Up to 50% no-claims bonus


Own damage insurance

Summary Theft and natural hazard Accident and natural hazard All risk All risk 6+ (for vehicles more than 6 years old)
Natural hazards ok ok ok ok
Theft ok maybe ok ok
Car accident   ok ok ok
Vandalism   ok ok ok
Assistance ok ok ok ok
Accident insurance for the driver and passengers maybe maybe ok ok


 - Can be added to the insurance
 - Included in the option

Optional additional insurances

  • Accident insurance
  • Window glass insurance
  • Insurance of luggage and personal belongings
  • Assistance services in case of a breakdown or car accident
  • Insurance in case of incapacity for work and hospitalization due to a car accident
  • Insurance of car rental during the period of repair
  • Full reimbursement of repair abroad
  • GAP insurance (purchase price of the vehicle)
  • Cancellation of the exclusion on using the vehicle for work purposes
  • Collision with animal
  • Theft of vehicle
  • Natural hazards

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