Make a claim

What to do after a loss

  • Immediately after the occurrence of a loss
    • Mitigation of consequences
    • Documentation
    • When to call the police
  • What I need to report the loss
    • Information on the policy
    • Information on the insured
    • Information on the loss
  • Notice of loss to the insurance company

Immediately after the occurrence of a loss

  • Make sure the loss does not increase (e.g. repair of a damaged water pipe, temporary repair of roof covering, etc.).
  • Document the loss incurred - take photos of all the damaged things (including an overall view of the damaged thing).
  • Inform the insurance company that a loss event has occurred
  • Wait with the overall repair of the property or with the removal of residues of the damaged things until the insurance company gives an instruction.

When to call the police

  • Any time there is suspicion, in connection with a loss event, that a crime has been committed or attempted

What I need to report the loss

  • Insurance Policy number
  • identification details of the insured person (given name and surname / business name, date of birth / Company Registration Number)
  • date and site of the loss event
  • information on the cause of the loss and its scope
  • number of a bank account for sending the insurance benefit (for faster payment of the insurance benefit)
  • Based on your notice, the loss event is recorded. You will obtain its number after the completion of registration from the claims adjuster.