Make a claim

What to do after a loss

  • Immediately after the occurrence of a loss
    • I secure the accident site
    • Provide first aid
    • Call Česká pojišťovna
  • What I need to report the loss
    • Information on the policy
    • Information on the insured
    • Information on the loss
  • Notice of loss to the insurance company

Immediately after the occurrence of a loss

  • Stop the vehicle and secure the accident site (turn on warning lights and place the warning triangle).
  • Provide first aid to injured persons and contact the emergency service (155), the fire brigade (150), the police (158) or call the Integrated Rescue System line (112).
  • Call Česká pojišťovna, line (+420) 241 114 114, we will provide for towing or road assistance services or a replacement vehicle and recommend a suitable repair shop for your vehicle.
  • The line for calls from abroad is: +420 224 557 111
  • In case of unavailability of the Česká pojišťovna line please call the Drivers’ Assistance Line at 1224.
  • Take photos of the accident site.

When is it necessary to call the police to a traffic accident

  • The damage to any of the vehicles (including the transported objects) exceeds CZK 100,000.
  • A party to the accident refuses to draw up and sign an Accident Report, use of alcohol or other drugs before driving is suspected or the party responsible for the accident fails to submit a valid green card.
  • There is damage to the property of a third party not involved in the accident (e.g. damage to a parked vehicle, public lighting post, road barriers, etc.)
  • If anyone is injured or needs urgent assistance (fire brigade, police), call the universal emergency line 112.
  • If none of these possibilities occurs, the parties to the accident are obliged, in accordance with Section 47 of the Road Safety Act No. 361/2000 Coll., to draw up a joint

Traffic Accident Report, sign it and immediately submit it to the insurer.

What must be written down and provided

  • License plate numbers of the vehicles
  • Names and addresses of the drivers and, if applicable, owners, witnesses to the accident
  • Insurance details (number of the Insurance Policy / green card)
  • Photos of the accident site

Traffic Accident Report

  • The joint Traffic Accident Report must be filled in duly and legibly and signed, contain an identification of the site and time of the accident, its parties and vehicles involved in it, its causes, how it happened, and its consequences, and in particular the degree of responsibility of the individual parties.
  • Download the form, print it and bring it with you in your vehicle. We recommend to indicate the responsible party and the injured party when filling in the questionnaire. Read how to fill in the Traffic Accident Report.
  • We would like to remind that the amendment to Act No. 168/1999 Coll., on motor third party liability insurance, stipulates the injured party's obligation to submit a joint Traffic Accident Report (Section 9(1)) when applying their claim, with effect from 1 January 2010. This obligation is also imposed on the insured person (Section 8(4)); failing this obligation, the insured person faces the risk that the insurer exercises the right to reimbursement of the amount paid against it (Section 10(1)(d)).
  • If the party responsible for the traffic accident fails to submit the green card necessary for filling in the Traffic Accident Report, you can verify the responsible party’s insurance company at the website of the Czech Insurers' Bureau.

Report the loss event

Do not accept offers of road assistance services from providers who appear coincidentally at the traffic accident site without verifying (line 241 114 114) that they are contractual road assistance services of Česká pojišťovna or contractual road assistance services of the insurance company of another party to the traffic accident (person responsible for the traffic accident).