Make a claim

Loss adjustment

Adjustment of a loss from property insurance

  • You can report a loss event on-line (through the web form) or by phone with an operator. After completion of the on-line registration we will send you a confirmation email. The loss event shall be adjusted by the claims adjuster, who will contact you within two working days of loss registration.
  • Depending on the type and scope of loss, the client is usually contacted by a field technician to arrange an inspection of the loss or will receive a letter requesting the documents. The loss event can be settled by a combination of the both the procedures mentioned above.
  • If you can submit the insurance policy during the inspection of the loss, please prepare it.
  • When all the necessary documents are submitted, the claims adjuster will assess the claim for an insurance benefit and enumerate the loss.
  • The client is informed by a letter (or by phone) of completion of the process of adjustment of the loss event and is told the amount of the insurance benefit and the method of its payment (to account, by postal order).

If the claims adjuster finds out during the loss adjustment that the loss event is illiquid and the insurance benefit cannot be paid, he/she will send a letter to the client, informing them of this result and giving them an explanation of why the insurance benefit cannot be paid.

Determination of the amount of the insurance benefit (subject to agreement between the claims adjuster and the client)

  • Determination by the insurance company's budget.
  • Determination of the insurance benefit on the basis of the submitted documents of payment for the performed work in order to have the loss removed by a specialized contractor.

In this case, i.e. when the repair is provided by a contractor, the client will send to the insurance company a repair proposal for assessment, in the form of and itemized budget (list of items for repair, including the expected costs of repair).

To determine the insurance benefit for movable property, you need any of the following documents:

  • documents necessary to assess the claim for the amount of the insurance benefit (proof of acquisition, purchase contract, confirmation of payment);
  • repair documents (e.g. invoice, receipt);
  • document confirming that the damaged thing cannot be repaired;
  • expert opinions.