Make a claim

Loss adjustment

Settlement of a loss from motor third-party liability insurance, when I am the insured person (responsible party) with Česká pojišťovna

1. Reporting and registration

  • If you are responsible for the traffic accident, report the event to Česká pojišťovna.
  • We will confirm your notice of loss event by email.

2. Waiting for documents or inspection

  • The confirmation of the notice of loss event refers to the necessary documents, which vary depending on the type of loss:


  • Confirmation of Participation in the Traffic Accident by the Police (or Confirmation of Offence or Traffic Accident Report, with a stamp of the Police of the Czech Republic)
  • Final decision of the administrative body (if dealt with in an administrative proceeding)
  • Copy of the Large Technical Certificate


  • Traffic Accident Report written and signed by both parties to the traffic accident
  • Copy of the driving license of the vehicle's driver - person responsible for the traffic accident
  • Copy of the Large Technical Certificate
  • Specific types of documents will be requested from you by the claims adjuster.

3. Investigation and determination of the amount of the loss

  • If you have all the necessary documents, we will evaluate them, settle the claims of the injured persons and enumerate the loss.

4. The loss has been settled

  • We will inform you of the settlement of the loss by email or by phone, if requested You will receive detailed information on the settlement of the injured persons’ claims electronically.